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Track responses to treatment. Make sure patients and providers know what’s happening. Adjust accordingly.

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Better self management reduces complications and office visits. No more unnecessary days off.

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Learn what lifestyle factors are most achievable and have the greatest impact. Enjoy your health!


For Patients

Did you know almost half of those living with a mental illness go untreated? And 25%-70% of patients receiving treatment for a mental illness are misdiagnosed? This results in:

  • Reduced effectiveness of treatments
  • Higher costs
  • 80% More hospitalizations
  • Diminished quality of life

Make sure your care team knows what is happening between appointments so they can provide the best treatment advice. Start monitoring today to learn more about what works for you!

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For Physicians

Moving to a payment for performance reimbursement model?

Want to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes?

Interested in learning more about how RxApps can increase your referrals?

Do you believe in providing patients a truly personalized treatment plan?

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For Hospitals

ACO? PCMH? IDN? PHR? HMO? Love acronyms?

If you are in the process of moving towards a more patient-centered or performance-based model of care delivery, you are going to need a system that keeps your patients engaged in their own health management in between appointments.

Too many patients have a hard enough time managing their illness without setbacks. If we can use this to identify when one might be impending, we can better keep these individuals on track with their self-management efforts.
Specialist Center
We have a great care management group, but they are stretched by the need to maintain regular contact with patients. If this would help prioritize their patients, we could expand these efforts and make the best use of their time.
Right now, too many hours are spent following up with patients that may not always need it. Automating some of that process would be incredibly helpful.
Safety-net PCP
If only our providers didn’t have to check in on patients every single day. Being able to check the pulse of our patients quickly could vastly improve our care management.