RxApps supplements standard management of chronic illness using customizable text message prompts to track patient health, experience and behavior metrics that influence outcomes.
This information informs both patients and providers about what is effective in treatment, what lifestyle factors may be difficult for the patient to change, and whether the patient is at risk for adverse clinical events such as a hospitalization.
At RxApps, we believe the missing element in modern healthcare is not enough people feel their recovery experience is relevant or that they are getting better together with their providers of care.

Regular communication is the first step.

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Why RxApps?

Self-monitoring and increased communication with care providers improves treatment outcomes in chronic illness. The RxApps service also drives behavior change by reminding patients what new habits they are supposed to be forming as part of their care plan. Working together, care providers and patients ensure the best possible care is being attained in real time. We make care management personal, empowering, and informed, while creating life-long change and improving the quality of life for all of our users.

Provider feedback + Customized Check-ins + Analytics = RxApps Health

How it works


Depression adds approximately $5000 in additional annual medical expenses, most of which are unrelated to the treatment of mental illness

Significant cost differences when coexisting depression exists

Why Focus on Patient Experience?

The patient experience of treatment directly influences an individual’s willingness to comply with their care plan. A dramatic example is when the patient has a co-occuring diagnosis of depression, which affects an estimated 20% of those being treated for a chronic condition. As the chart on the left shows, this increases overall care utilization significantly, with an average of $4800 in excess annual expenses per patient. Make sure your patients feel heard, and they will reward you with better self-care.


Why Text and Responsive Web?

Research has shown Americans are adopting smartphones at a rapid pace. However, such device ownership is still below half of the total population. Would you invest in any medical offering that only served half of its potential users? Using the RxApps service, not only can you can reach smarthphone users with mobile web, you can reach almost any patient using modes of interaction with which they are already familiar: text messages and web applications. Make the decision to engage them today and tomorrow.

A huge majority of the population now owns mobile phones, and the most people are familiar with text messages.

How mobile phones are used as of late 2012.