We want to be very clear about our mission in doing this and the corporate culture we believe will support that mission. We are making this public so we can never be allowed to waiver.


Company Missions
  • Improve quality of care through knowledge.
  • Increase the global understanding of the experience of living with chronic illness.
  • Leadership and optimism in all endeavors.
Personal Missions
  1. We are in the business of helping our users achieve better health. Never marginalize their struggle and always take comfort in the fact that we are improving people’s lives.
  2. Love our users and customers. They are helping us achieve something great and game-changing. Reward them for participation with respect, courtesy, and kindness.
  3. Foster a collaborative and productive environment: Always be interested in what your coworkers are doing both at work and outside in their personal lives. We have a lot to offer and learn from each other.
  4. There will never be any micromanaging. As long as the work is getting done in a timely manner, we encourage you to spend your time as you see fit.
  5. Take a lesson from Google: 10% Tuesday. 1/2 day or 4 hours of time to pursue some idea or interest which is somehow work related.
  6. Adhere to Jeff Haden’s rules (here and here): Develop every employee; deal with problems immediately; serve others, not yourself; ignore job descriptions; praise publicly, complain privately.
  7. From Zappos: Create fun and a little weirdness. We never want your work to feel overwhelmingly like a job. Always feel free to express yourself, however that may be.
  8. Our number one asset is our employees, respect them first and all else falls into place.