Where we try to read your mind and provide answers to your initial questions, the RxApps FAQs. For anything more specific, please email support@rxapps.com.


1 I am concerned about the safety of my information. Why should I trust you?

We designed our program to be as secure as possible, knowing full well how sensitive health information can be. Everything stored on our website is in accordance with HIPAA best practices. We take the same precautions your hospital or doctor take to protect your private information. One consideration however: our system uses standard text messages to ask questions about your health status, which are unencrypted. While it is almost guaranteed no one will intercept your text messages, we do advise some caution if you create your own questions. You can read more about our privacy policies in the legal section of the website.


2 What does happen to my information?

We encrypt and store your answers and any identifiable information in ‘the cloud.’ This provides a way for you and your care provider to access your health record securely from any web browser. On our end, we run analytics on the data to better understand human behavior, and how to keep you – and others like you – on the path to a higher quality of life.


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